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Rich product line, support customization of special specifications of suction cups
Ingenuity to create supreme quality

Use well

It has good initial viscosity and excellent strong bonding effect, which can isolate moist gas and play a sealing role.

Good product performance

Water resistance, UV resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance

Product quality is good

Excellent waterproof performance, good die-cutting processability, good temperature resistance, and strong stickiness

Good use of the product

Provides excellent adhesion to surfaces such as glass, plastic, polypropylene, powder spray paint, oil-contaminated and more.

Jixuan Electronics and customers need

Pursue excellence Set industry benchmarks

Telephone consultation—0769-85309889

Advantages of Jixuan Electronics

scale production fast delivery

>Standard parts are in stock, fast delivery and guaranteed cycle.

>Strict internal control, random inspection of incoming materials and full inspection of shipments ensure the stability of quality.

Scale production fast delivery
Factory direct sale, high quality price
Factory direct saleHigh quality price

> Factory direct supply, no other intermediate channels.

>Cost saving, balanced choice of quality and price.

Quality Assurance on Demand
Customized on demand Quality Assurance

>Provide technical consultation and viscose product solutions according to customer's special bonding needs

>Provide corresponding adhesive products and materials, and attach them and die-cut them to form

Intimate after-sales, long-term cooperation
Intimate after-sales Long-term cooperation

>Provide a full range of solutions for the various needs of customers.

> Responsible for after-sales service, product quality is strictly checked.

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Dongguan Jixuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. With rich production experience and advanced production equipment, it produces kapton tape, polyimide tape, copper foil tape , Conductive cloth tape, acetate cloth tape, high temperature tape, insulating tape, electronic tape, foam tape, Velcro, Velcro tie, adhesive Velcro, 3M tape, 3MVHB...

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